Protect your LG Optimus Extreme (LG L40G) with this custom fit durable screen protector.

Protect your LG Optimus Extreme against scratches, abrasions, and scrapes.

  • Remove without leaving residual marks
  • Self adhesive, washable, and reusable
  • Clear
  • Easy to install:
    1. Clean the screen with the included cloth in a dust free environment (make sure there is no dust on the screen.

    2. Peel and fold the plastic backing about one inch away. Be sure the sticky side is facing down and do not touch it with fingers.


    Cover your LG Optimus Logic (LG L35g) with this Fresh Blue gel cover made of TPU material. This is a fresh new look on blue and current Nokia phones sport it.

    The cover will keep your phone protected and looking clean and crisp.

    Add a scren protector for your LG Optimus Logic for $4.99 and save on shipping!


    Cover your LG Optimus Logic (LG l35g) with this LAMBO Yellow case made of durable TPU. The material is better and stronger than silicone with the flexibility of silicone and durability of plastic.

    This case is sure to add additional flare and keep your Optimus Logic looking new and cleaner longer.

    Add a screen protector for only $4.99 and save on shipping


    Give your LG Optimus Logic a luscious look with this Red cover. This cover is custom made to fit your LG Optimus Logic phone perfectly.

    Made of durable TPU material which is stronger and more absorbing than silicone and hard plastic.
    All openings are laser cut and made to fit perfectly.


    Cover your LG Optimus Logic with this phantom black TPU cover and give your phone a wicked look and keep it protected and looking fresh and new longer.

    This cover is solid black and made to fit.


    Limited edition Pink Candy cases | protective gel cover for your LG Optimus Logic (LG L35G). This case is made of TPU material which is stronger than plastic and will keep your phone looking pretty in pink and protected!


    Cover your LG L35G Straight Talk Android with these custom made protective cases.

    Each is made of durable TPU and they come in different attractive colors. Cover your LG L35G with fashion and durability.

    The LG Optimus Logic (LG L35G) cases will come in the following colors:

  • Black (not shown)
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Click here to see available colors


    Protect your Optimus Logic (LG L35G) screen with this custom fitted screen protector. Made of durable film that is easily applied and designed to prevent unsighly scratches.

    Guaranteed to fit the LG Optimus Logic (LG l35G) or your money back no questiones asked.

    The LG Optimus Logic from Stragith Talk or NET10 is a great Android phone an you can easily protect your investent with cases and this screen protector made especially for the LG Optimus Logic.

    If you order today, this item can arrive by: 12/03/2015

    LG Optimus Q cases | covers for Net10 and Straight Talk for $4.99. The LG Optumus Q has a slide out keyboard so this hard cover features two parts (one to cover the back of the phone and one to cover the front of the phone). These cases are made of durable plastic and will come in different colors and patterns. The Black Hawk cover features two parts to allow free sliding of the QWERTY keyboard. This cover has a rubber finish and is built to add extra style and protection.

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    Cover your LG Optimus Q from Straight Talk or NET10 with this perfect purple case. When you think of purple, you think of royalty and style and this case won't let you down. It is made of high quality Flex Plastic and installs in seconds.


    *High grade Flex plasic
    *All necessary port openings including power, volume, earphone, USB
    *Rubber finish
    *Will not intefere with slider keyboard
    *Guaranteed to fit or your money back (no questions asked)

    You will love this Purple Rain case for your LG Optimus Q!

    LG Optimus Q "True Blood" cover for Straight Talk is a great fit and value. This truely red blood cover is made to fit 100% or your money back. It features a rubber finish for better grip and the cover has all the necessary openings to keep your LG Optimus Q in perfect operating order.

    *High grade flex plastic
    *Easy to install snap on design
    *All openings for full function
    *Wont interfere with slider

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    This True Blue cover for LG Optimus Q fits both Straight Talk and NET10 Optimus Q. Featuring a rubber finish for better holding the True Blue cover is designed to fit your LG Optimus Q perfectly or your money back. Made of hard plastic, this cover for LG Optimus Q will add protection and style and extend the life of your phone. The case has two parts that clip snuggly on to your Optimus Q and you will still be albe to slide it opened and closed with ease.

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    $4.99 Certified

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