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This screen protector for LG Power (LG L22C) is made of a durable film that goes directly over the LG Power's original screen. It is designed to protect the screen from scratches but not from shatters.

This screen protector is perfect if you want a lighter option than the tempered glass and are confident that you are not going to drop your phone and put the phone's screen at risk of breakage.

Installation is easy but does require a bit of patience to get the screen protector perfectly on top of the phone's screen.

Why get a screen protector?
Most screen damage is accidental and cannot be predicted. Once a screen is scratched, the phone's value drops and the phone becomes unpleasant to view and use. Replacing a phone's screen can be costly and time consuming.
You can avoid all that by adding a screen protector for under $6!

Price: $3.99
Price: $3.99

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