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Protect the screen of your LG Destiny™ (LG L21G) with this fitted tempered glass screen protector for only $4.99. This is the lowest price available for this quality screen protector made of tempered glass.

This screen protector fits perfectly on top of the LG Destiny™ screen and will protect it from scratches, accidental cracks and breaks, and will not interfere with the screens touch sensitivity.

Each screen protector is easily installed and unlike traditional screen protectors, can be removed and cleaned as needed.

Installation is easy!

Installing your tempered glass screen protector is very easy. Simply follow these steps and you're new screen protector will be ready for use in just minutes!

1. Clean your LG Destiny™ screen with the included microfiber cloth.
2. Place the tempered glass screen protector over the phone's screen.
3. Add tape to one side of the glass and the phone to hold it in place.
4. Remove the film that touches the glass and your phone's screen.
5. Release the glass directly onto the phone's screen.
6. Press down and you are ready!

You can also purchase a regular plastic film protector for your LG Destiny™ (LG L21G) for $1 less.

Save 20% when you buy a case + screen protector

Price: $4.99
Price: $4.99

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