LG 840G Blue Neptune Cover

Neptune is the stormiest planet and this cover for your LG 840G is no different. It features a shiny solid blue finish and has side grips designed to help keep your phone free from dings and unwanted scratches.

Cover your LG840G with the Neptune case and keep it looking newer longer.

Add a screen protector for LG 840G for only $4.99

In order to charge your LG840G with the TPU cover on, you need a slim version of the USB charger. If you use the standard charger, remove the bottom part of the cover to charge.

The camera cut out appears to be off centered but the cover will not prevent you from taking pictures.

To connect a headphone plug with the cover on, push a little harder than usual or move the cover to one side to make room for the headphone plug.

Add an Accessory for the LG 840g and save on shipping!

Price: $3.99
Price: $4.99

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