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If your order shows "pending" that means it has been received by our system and your payment has cleared. Your order will either go into "Processing" state or it will be shipped.

We will usually update your order with a comment and send you an email with details.

If you have detailed questions, send an email to and don't forget to include your order number.

The LG Optimus Logic is a relatively new phone from Straight Talk and our initial batch of cases sold out very quickly.

We will add more cases for the LG Optimus Logic (LG L35g).

Check out inventory before they are all out

It is important to know the hard cover cases snap on your Samsung r355c using several clips surrounding the case. These clips are durable and are designed to hold your case firmly in place. There are times when you will want to remove your cover to either change it or access the battery.

If you must remove your cover, be very cautious since the clips that hold your case may brake off if care is not used. is not responsible for misuse and will not replace cases with broken clips. All cases are verified and checked before shipping.

We offer two shipping choices: Standard which will take about 5-7 days and our priority shipping which will take about three days for an extra fee (choose at checkout).

We guarantee our cover will fit your Straight Talk r355. You can view our unique 360 rotating images as proof.

Our covers are tested from a 3 feet distance from the ground on to hard floor. The cover does a very good job protecting your phone from scratches and breaks. The case may come off if dropped from a higher distance. Excessive dropping may result in the internal clips loosing grip but overall, our cases will protect your phone. specializes in prepaid cellular products. We offer cases for TracFone, Straight Talk, Net10, and Safelink cell phones. sells covers both hard and soft cases for Samsung r355c offered by Straight Talk, NET10, and Metro PCS.

The main difference between the hard and the soft covers is the material. In principle, they serve the same purpose however some people prefer either the soft rubber (silicone) feel over the hard plastic or the other way around.

Each case is designed to fit the Samsung r355c perfectly and offers the same openings and functional buttons so your phone can be used without interruption.

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Yes. All our orders are sent via United States Postal Service and once your order is shipped, we supply you with a tracking number

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1. You must have a micro SD card installed, if your phone does not have internal memory available.

2. Connect your USB cable to your computer.

3. Make sure your phone is powered on.

4.Connect the small usb port to the phone and the large port to the computer. NOTE: if your computer tries to find software for the phone, continue and allow it to locate the drivers.

The covers and cases for Optimus Q we sell are made of durable plastic. Most of the cases have a rubbery finish to them and the others have a shiny feeling. Since the Optimus Q has a slider QWERTY keyboard, the cases come in two parts that snap on together making a perfect fit!

The LG800g silicone cover is designed to cover the entire phone except for the touch screen. The LG800g cover will not interfere with the touch screen at all. Certified

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